Welcome! Thank you for your interest in "Thunderstruck," an electrifying and blastastic SFW/NSFW BakuKami zine!
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Thunderstruck is a for-profit zine centered around the Boku no Hero Academia ship, BakuKami (i.e. Bakugo Katsuki & Kaminari Denki).

As a physical zine Thunderstruck will contain both SFW and NSFW content compiled into a single booklet with related merch. Due to the included NSFW content all contributors and consumers must be 18 years old or older.

The theme for this zine is simple, BakuKami! It is our hope to showcase this pairing and it's aspects including but not limited to canon, canon divergent and alternate universes.


INTEREST CHECK: August 19 — September 30, 2020
NAME POLL: October 1 — 15, 2020
MOD APPLICATIONS: Oct 5 — 20, 2020
MOD APP RESULTS: Oct 25 — 31, 2020
CONTRIBUTOR APPLICATIONS: November 10 — December 1, 2020
CONTRIBUTOR APP RESULTS: December 5 — 14, 2020
HOLIDAY BREAK: December 15 — January 1, 2021
CONCEPT CHECK: January 5 — 16, 2021
FIRST CHECK IN: January 27 — February 5, 2021
SECOND CHECK IN: February 23 — March 2, 2021
THIRD CHECK IN: March 26 — April 1, 2021
FINAL CHECK IN: April 25 — 30, 2021
FINAL SUBMISSIONS: May 10 — 16, 2021
PRE-ORDERS OPEN: June 15, 2021

*Schedule is tentative and may be subject to change.


R A I N ECreatorTwitter
B L A Q U ESocial MediaTwitter
S I L V E RFinance / ShippingTwitter . Carrd
M I S E R YGraphics / FormattingTwitter . Carrd
L E EWriting / BetaTwitter . AO3



Q: Is the zine for profit or charity?
A: Thunderstruck is a for-profit zine. All contributors will receive a digital copy of the zine. Assuming the zine breaks even (with sales, production, shipping cost, etc) contributors will also receive a share of profits.


Q: How many contributors are you going to have?
A: We are looking for approximately 30 contributors in total, though this number may vary depending on application numbers.

Q: Can I apply for more than one position?
A: If you feel you can sufficiently fulfil more than one role, certainly!


Q: What’s the theme for this zine?
A: The overall theme of Thunderstruck is BakuKami, all works featured as part of this project should be centered around this dynamic and ship.

Q: Is there anything that won’t be allowed?
A: As much as darker themes and some ‘problematic’ content will be allowed, explicit and graphic details of rape, non-consensual intercourse, incest, pedophilia (although age-gaps ARE allowed), graphic gore/vore and any harmful depictions of targeted harassment, racism or lgbt+ centered phobia will be removed.

Q: How will I know if my idea won’t be accepted?
A: All ideas will be reviewed during the concept check-in, this is to ensure there is no duplicate content and the concept is within our guidelines. Should your idea not be accepted a mod will reach out to you to work with you further.

Q: Are collabs allowed?
A: Contributors are permitted to collab however these will be limited and will be approved by a mod on a first come first serve basis. Contributors must secure their collab partners first then reach out to a mod for approval. If page count allows the collab will be approved.


Q: Will you be shipping to [insert location]?
A: Our goal is to ship globally but due to restrictions centered around the COVID-19 pandemic and possible limitations related to shipping costs we do not have a definite answer at this time. Updates will be announced publicly if there are any issues in the future.

Q: What are the costs going to be?
A: Unfortunately, at this time there is no definite answer to this question. Updates regarding this will be provided closer to the project's completion.